The Weeding Celebration of


23 May 2015

Parent of The bride

Mr + Mrs Beckham

Parent of The Groom

Mr + Mrs William

The Bride

Britney Beckham

The Groom

Justin William


  • Friday / May - 15 - 2015 / 10:00 am
  • ST.Augustine Cruch


  • Saturday / May - 16 - 2015 / 18:00 pm
  • 1 North Kaniku Drive


Our Story
We love each other

One women one men
I am a sinner, as cold as the winter
She is the sun, she is the queen of love

Justin and Brtiney from deepest hearts

We are married





Langkah Awal Mengikuti Kontes Desain Logo

 2010-12-31   /   Leave a comment

Setelah pada tulisan yang lalu, saya memberikan alamat web penyedia kontes berupa logo. maka pada tulisan saya akan membahas langkah awal yang harus kita lakukan jika kita ingin mengikuti kontes ini. Langkah pertama adalah kita harus medaftar disalah satu web tersebut. cara pendaftaran (sign up /register) tidak terlalu sulit. Bagi anda yang akrab dengan internet  Continue reading…

What’s Logo?

 2010-02-08   /   Leave a comment

Do you really know what the logo means? although you may be able to see it every day. On product packaging, television, the clothes you use, beverages you drink, the foods you eat?.Yes all of them stated a logo. ‘Design Dictionary’ of the Board of International Reasearch in Design: “The logo usually contain text, images, or  Continue reading…

History of LOGO

 2010-02-07   /   Leave a comment

Why something must be initiated from history? Because the understanding is only partial,.will form the person and work of the shallow. history plays a major role as a basic understanding of the science we have learned anything. “Man was symbol maker long before he was a tool maker: His desire for identification is deeply embedded in  Continue reading…


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Gift Regristration

What we want most for our wedding is to have our friends and family there to celebrate the occasion with us. So more than anything we’re simply grateful for your presence! If you would like to get us something, we’d love that can find our registries here: